This clip was videotaped mid-February 2006 

A modest 6-minute video clip:
Mike & Valerie meet Elizabeth & Jack at their home away from home in the Florida Keys.

The movie above is a real media clip. If you prefer to watch a Quicktime movie,
click on this link.
Note: you might experience a tiny bug in the Quicktime movie start-up. If the Quicktime movie stops, click on the play button a second time and wait a few seconds.

The day after...  

The day after we met Elizabeth and Jack, my friends and I began some new Real English videotaping in SoBe (South Beach) - Miami Beach, Florida.

Click here for our very first interview in Florida.

Note: It is not necessary to download and install the annoying and invasive Real Player to view Real English videos. There is an alternative Real Player, called "Real Alternative", stripped of all the adware. It is available at many sites, such as:
I uninstalled my own real player and installed the
Real Alternative. It works perfectly with other files too, and enabled me to do away with the annoying Windows Media Player as well.

I will continue encoding with the Real Producer, because it really is the best codec in terms of quality vs. disk space. Too bad the technical people at the Real Networks company are geniuses while the marketing people seem unaware of what they are doing to an otherwise excellent product.

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